About Us


Auto body technicians have been using paintless dent repair (PDR) tools for years. These tools have evolved and changed over the years and Finesse Tool Company is on the cutting edge of new advances in the industry. Our full time research and development partner, Jason Mayberry works tirelessly to bring to you new products such as the Fold-n-Go Tool Cart and the Eagle Eyes Battery Powered Mini PDR Light. You can not buy a better PDR tools anywhere. Our handles are one of the things that make our tools unique. A lot of testing has gone into making our tools the best in the industry. We are always coming up with something new, that's one of the things which keeps us excited about the PDR tool business.  We are in this business to create solutions that make your work a pleasure. 

Finesse Tool Company is the name to know for stainless steel, Paintless Dent Repair tools. Our tools are put through rigorous testing to ensure a higher quality, and are the best stainless steel tools on the market. These tools are designed by Paintless Dent Repair technicians who really know the business. Plus, each tool is individually hand-made by professional metallurgists and skilled metal craftsmen. As a finished product, our tools are polished to give them a shine and brilliance that is far superior to any other tool. If you are looking for Whale Tails, Flag Tools, Tool Sets, Changeable Tip, Shaved, or Tools By Diameter, we have the tool you need. Contact us in Ava, Missouri for quality stainless steel, paintless dent repair tools for hail chasers, autobody & mobile techs. You might also see us on the road in our mobile truck known to some as the "Candy Store".