This revolutionary new tool cart is designed to set up easy, and to pack up easy, into a convenient carrying case. It's folded dimensions are 28 ¼” inches by 18 inches by 4 ¾” inches tall. The casters have an expanding rubber stem that slides into the aluminum tube on each corner. With the lock depressed, they are tightened in place by two or three turns clockwise. These heavy duty zinc plated, steel casters have polyurethane on aluminum wheels and are dual locking (i.e. both the swivel and the rotation of the wheels lock, with one smooth action).

      The lid is secured on the carrying case by four wingnuts. To set up the Fold-N-Go simply remove the four Wing nuts and unfold the two main support legs. Then reattach the lid to the main support legs with the 4 Wing nuts that held it in place previously. The fold and go tool cart is stable on two legs from 28 to 35 inches tall,  for light duty use. If more height is necessary or if you intend to use a fully loaded tool cart we have included two additional support legs that install In just a few seconds. The additional support legs can be added after some tools have been loaded to the cart, or at any time. In other words you can unfold this thing and get to work as soon as you get there. If you see that you're going to need several tools you can then go ahead and add the additional legs lying in the bottom of the cart. The  accessory (or glue tray) mounting points are found at the end of the additional support legs. It is necessary to have them installed before you can install a Glue Tray (sold separately).


  • Heavy duty 1/8 inch thick wall aluminum construction.

  • Packs up into an attractive carrying case.

  • Allows you to start pushing dents as soon as you get there!

  • It really is fast and easy to set up or tear down!

  • Tool box liner in the bottom of the cart Is a great place to set extra batteries.

  • With smooth rolling casters this cart can be pulled around the shop with one finger.

  • Extremely stable even at a great height.

  • Plenty of large holes and slots make it easy to get organized.

  • Production model that will always be in stock. ( IN STOCK NOW )
  • It is Rock Solid! Not rickety In the hinges, like some popular folding tool carts.

If this description left you wanting to know more, please check out our Google Slides Graphical Description(The most detailed description) or our video description below.


Don't forget to look at the Large Glue Tray, and extra height extension.(Large Glue Tray). Also available in plastic, (Large Plastic Glue Tray).

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Fold-N-Go Tool Cart

  • $650.00

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